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Appear active effortlessly with NotAFK

NotAFK is a program designed to simulate regular user activity on a computer, allowing users to appear active & available on messaging and work apps while being away. This provides flexibility to attend to other tasks while maintaining the appearance of being present and engaged.

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Make the most of your leisure time.

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Boost Your Productivity with NotAFK!

Effortlessly maintain an active and productive appearance on your computer, seamlessly handling multiple tasks while staying connected!

Experience Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Unlock the power of NotAFK, an advanced AI that mimics regular user behavior, creating the illusion of constant and active engagement in routine computer activities.

Maximize Your Time

NotAFK allows you to reclaim precious moments for activities like quality time with your kids, managing household chores, cooking, or pursuing personal development through training.

Premium edition

Indulge in unlimited freedom with our premium edition. Go AFK for as long as you desire, without any restrictions holding you back.

Trial edition

Explore NotAFK trial edition, offering unrestricted usage for up to 14 days. Upgrade to premium for uninterrupted access beyond the 14-day trial.

Portable download

With the portable download, you can download & run NotAFK without installing it, which is useful if your company doesn't allow application installations.

Trusted by thousands of users around the world.

Navigating the demands of a full-time job and other life responsibilities is no easy feat. NotAFK provides you the tools to seize control of your time and enhance your ability to manage priorities efficiently.

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Experience Ultimate Freedom with Our Premium Edition

Unleash boundless AFK time with our Premium edition. Revel in the freedom to be away for as long as necessary. Enjoy all upcoming updates, and receive priority support for your cases, surpassing Trial edition users. The Premium edition license is valid for a lifetime with no additional costs.

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Your Time is Precious - Make Every Moment Count

Balancing various activities in a day can be challenging, especially with multiple commitments. Introducing NotAFK, designed to optimize your day. Take short breaks from work to attend to other responsibilities, effectively managing stress and enhancing your overall well-being.

Revolutionary AI Technology

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced AI, we confidently assert that NotAFK stands as the best option on the market.

Proven Performance

Join the ranks of satisfied users as NotAFK is trusted and utilized daily by thousands around the globe.

Premium Support at Your Service

Count on our dedicated support team to assist you at every step. Enjoy prioritized assistance when you upgrade to our Premium edition.

Frequently asked questions


NotAFK is a revolutionary program designed to let you stay AFK (away from keyboard) while presenting a 'green' status in various messaging apps. Now you can appear available, even when you're not actively using your keyboard.
Starting AFK is a breeze! Just click the 'Start' button upon entering NotAFK, wait for 3 seconds, and voila – you're free to go AFK. When you're ready to return, simply press the 'Stop' button to resume normal activity.
NotAFK empowers you to take breaks from work, allowing you to participate in activities of your choice. All this, while ensuring you maintain a 'green' and available status in various messaging apps, enhancing your overall productivity.
Absolutely! NotAFK offers a trial edition, allowing AFK sessions of up to 14 days. Upgrade to premium for uninterrupted access beyond the 14-day trial.
Yes, NotAFK is designed to maintain a 'green' status in messaging apps without compromising your account's security.
No hidden fees! The Premium edition comes with a one-time purchase, offering lifetime updates and support without additional costs.
Elevate your experience with the Premium edition of NotAFK. Say goodbye to limitations and enjoy unlimited AFK time. Plus, relish the advantage of receiving prioritized support for your cases ahead of trial edition users.
Absolutely not! Your Premium edition license ensures a lifetime of NotAFK updates and support. No hidden costs!
Contact us anytime by sending a message to or by clicking here.
Your license allows activation on one computer at a time. Need to switch? No worries! You can easily 'reset' the license for activation on a new computer.
NotAFK is compatible with Windows systems..
NotAFK is optimized for minimal resource consumption, ensuring it runs smoothly without affecting your computer's performance.
A portable download is software that can be run directly from a file without needing to install it on your computer. This is useful for use on devices where you don't have permission to install applications. Download it here.
Then our portable download is ideal for your situation. With the portable download, there's no need to install anything. Just download it here and run it discreetly.
  • If you're running the x64 version of Windows, it's recommended to download the x64 portable version.
  • If you're running the x86 version of Windows, it's recommended to download the x86 portable version.
  • If you're unsure, you can download either version and run NotAFK to see if it works.

Our prices

Trial $0
  • 14 days AFK Limit
    Unlock AFK sessions of up to 14 days with our Trial edition.
  • Free Updates
    Experience continuous improvement with free updates across all editions.
  • Priority Support
    Trial edition users get support with lower priority.
  • Multiple Activations
    Not available for Trial Edition.
Premium $14.99
  • Unlimited AFK Time
    Experience uninterrupted AFK sessions with our Premium edition, offering you unlimited freedom.
  • Free Updates
    Enjoy regular updates with all editions.
  • Priority Support
    Receive support with the highest priority for Premium users.
  • Multiple Activations
    Enjoy the flexibility of multiple activations.